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A Brief Description of the Songs
Song Comments Instrumentation
In Love With You.... A love song! (What else!?) Ensoniq SQ80, DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard and Akai Z4
11 Oct 2007 (Untitled Song) A Very Retro 80's Song Ensoniq SQ80, Yamaha DX200 and Roland R8m/R8
Serene Maybe "Film Noire "??? Ensoniq SQ80, Yamaha CS6x, Alesis ION and Akai Z4
Dark 2 Light A "Dark Wave/Film Noire " song to which you can dance! Ensoniq SQ80 and Roland R8m/R8
Dream A danceable "Dark Wave " song Ensoniq SQ80, DSI Evolver Module, Yamaha CS6x and Roland R8m/R8
You Say Its Love? A bright, happy, sarcastic and danceable contradiction! Ensoniq SQ80, Kawai K5 and Roland R8m/R8
The Here And Now A song that keeps things shaking! DSI Evolver Module, Yamaha DX200, Ensoniq SQ80, Yamaha CS6x and Roland R8m/R8
The Feline A very danceable song! Ensoniq SQ80, Alesis ION and Akai Z4
Syncopation (Aural's Introduction) A strict tempo cadence DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard, Ensoniq SQ80 and Akai Z4
A "Techno Demo" Something I did just for laughs :-) DSI Evolver Module, Alesis ION and Roland R8m/R8

ALL songs ©2007-2008 Aural / Aural Noir / Mark S. Lewis

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